KE: Elderly woman murdered, family arrested

According to Adoor police, they arrested Perladka native Kamalakshan (47), his wife Ambika (40) and their son Sharath (20) on the charge of smothering Ammalu Amma, Kamalakshan’s 68-year-old mother on Tuesday night and hanging it from the ceiling of their house to create the impression that she committed suicide.However, the relatives of the victim were suspicious about it and when the autopsy was conducted, it was established that the victim was strangled to death and then the body was hung from the ceiling. Police said Ammalu Amma was a quarry worker and she had frequent quarrel with her son and family after they sold a property in her name and bought some other properties. The elderly woman wanted the new properties to be registered in her name, which her son did not agree, which led to the quarrel.

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