Opportunity for a researcher on environmental issues

Research Assistant / Research Associate

Apply before June 17, 2015

Liberty Institute is seeking a suitable person to undertake research and analysis on issues related to environment, forest and wildlife. A key focus will be on the nature and types of conflict between local communities, and other stakeholders, over land, forest and wildlife resources.The objective is to explore ways of reducing the conflict potential between communities, and institutions and officials entrusted to manage the natural resources.

Depending on the candidate’s experience and expertise, and depth of interestand understanding in these issues, the position could be negotiated either as Research Assistant or Research Associate.

The responsibilities will primarily involve:

  • Compiling relevant information
  • Structuring the information in a database
  • Summarising the information in briefs and reports
  • Updating the website
  • Undertaking in-depth research

Necessary capacities:

  • A level of awareness and appreciation of the relevant issues
  • Capacity to search for information, particularly on internet
  • Excellent communication skills, particularly to summarise and analyse information
  • Excellent computer skill

Please send your resume, along with a letter of interest, by June 17, 2015.

Background: A glimpse of the initial information gathered in this regard may be seen at http://empoweringindia.net/?page=issue. Please select “Human Wildlife Conflict” in the drop down list below the logo, on the left side of the banner, then click on “View”. You would see the list of items in the pop-up box on the right side of the screen.

Liberty Institute, New Delhi
Email: info@libertyinstitute.org.in

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