Opportunity for a Research Fellow

Apply before June 17, 2015

Liberty Institute is seeking a suitable person to undertake research and analysis on legal aspects related to land and property rights. The Institute wants to undertake a couple of research projects, to be completed by the end of 2015, as part of an effort to better understand the nature of the land related conflicts, and come up with possible legal and policy suggestions that might help reduce the scale and scope of such conflicts.

The Research Fellow will be expected to deliver two papers, one, that will undertake an analysis of the emerging case laws at the state and national levels in recent years on the Forest Rights Act 2006. The second paper will document the evolution of constitutional and legal perspective on property rights, as well as shifting judicial thrust over the past six decades. The aim of both the papers is to analyse the legal trends, and try to come up with some indication of the direction it may take in the future.

Depending on the candidate’s experience and expertise, and depth of interest and understanding in these issues, the terms could be negotiated. The position will be that of a consultant on a contract for this research project.

The responsibilities will primarily involve:

  • Undertaking in-depth research and analysis
  • Interviewing appropriate experts and scholars
  • Drafting the research papers
  • Seeking comments from independent experts
  • Finalising the papers for publication

Necessary capacities:

  • A level of awareness and appreciation of the relevant laws and judicial processes
  • 5-7 years experience in legal and policy research
  • Excellent research and analytical writing skills

Please send your resume, along with a letter of interest, by June 17, 2015.

Liberty Institute, New Delhi
Email: info@libertyinstitute.org.in

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